The Dutch Open Goalball Cup (DOG Cup) is going live on the internet. During the tournament we’ll be livestreaming both match halls simultanously. We’re doing this because goalball is a teamsport. And we know your team is huge. Not only you and your fellow goalball players back home want to see you shine during the DOG Cup. Also your friends and family might be interested. Thats why we’re livestreaming it all.

We’ve paid special attention to optimizing the audio experience of the livestream. Therefor it is accessible for persons with a visual impairment. It would be just like you’re next to the court. So put on your headphones and be here live with your friends who are competing for the title DOG Cup winner in one of both classes.

Make sure to share the DOG Cup livestream with all your friends and family, they’ll cheer you on virtually.

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