With the Dutch Open Goalball Cup (DOG Cup) comming up soon it is time to present the match schedule. We’ve posted it on our website. In our schedule we’ve tried to play as many matches as possible during the two day tournament. That’s what you’re comming for after all.

Elite class

Teams in Elite class will be playing a guaranteed 5 matches spread over the days. Elite class has 7 teams. Every team will challenge another 4 teams. There will always be 2 teams your not playing against. At the end of the first phase a ranking will be published. The second phase of the tournament 7th will be competing 6th, 5th vs 4th and 3th vs 2nd. In this phase teams have to defend their rank or climb one spot. You might be facing your oponent for the second time here or face a brand new one. The team that ends in second place will face the top ranked team in an epic finale game. This team plays an aditional match.

Open class

In open class 6 teams will compete. Every team will face each other. We’ll close of with a final oportunity to defend or climb a position.

Top scorer

We’ll not only be awarding the winners in both classes but we’ll also be keeping an eye out for the top scorer in each class.

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