To welcome everyone to the Netherlands and offer you a pleasant stay we’d like to welcome you at our biggest Airport. We’ll be picking you up here and drive you straight to the hotel.

At friday the 14th 18:00 a shuttle bus will be departing from Schiphol Airport. This bus is only for people who signed up for it during team enrollment. Did you forget to enroll, make sure to do so by contacting us.

Before departure we’ll be meeting at the designated airport meeting point at Schiphol Plaza. The meeting point is situated in between the stairs to train track 3-4 and 5-6 (near Burger King). The point is marked as shown below. You’ll be awaited by one of our crew wearing a bright yellow t-shirt. 

If for whatever reason you are delayed and you fear you’re not gonna make it, let us know by calling +31 6 30 58 53 53.

Schiphol Plaza Meeting Point

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