DOG Cup 2024

We are excited to extend an einvitation to your team for the upcoming Dutch Open Goalball Cup 2024 (DOG Cup 24)! We would be honored to have you join us.

Event Details Date: Thursday 10 to Sunday 13th of October
Location: Zwolle, the Netherlands
Venue: Sporthal ‘t Anker Zwolle
Hotel: Campanile Hotel Zwolle
Levels: Open and Elite
Teams: Mixed gender teams
Costs: € 250,- per person

What’s new during DOG Cup 24

This year, we’ve expanded DOG Cup 24 by one day, granting more game spacing. This fosters relaxed matches, room for camaraderie, and an enriched goalball community experience in Zwolle. Rest assured, the core elements of DOG Cup 24 remain unchanged and as exciting as ever. Anticipate thrilling matches, top-notch catering, and the convenience of a shuttle bus to and from Schiphol Airport. Your stay remains hassle-free, with comfortable accommodations at the hotel.

We’re excited to reiterate that DOG Cup 24 welcomes both Open and Elite teams, ensuring a diverse and competitive environment. With mixed-gender teams adding an extra layer of inclusivity, get ready for another remarkable tournament experience that combines top-tier sportsmanship with unparalleled convenience. We can’t wait to welcome you to DOG Cup 24!

Enroll now!

We’re simply gauging interest at this stage – no player details or payment are needed. Responding by the deadline ensures your place in this exhilarating event. Mark your calendar and let us know if you’re in – we can’t wait to have you on the field with us, creating unforgettable moments together!

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